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Diwan Manna
   Violence Series
   Shores of The Unknown
   Le Corbusier's Firminy
   Wheel of Time
   Rooh Punjab Di
   Jhatpat Studio
   Banaras/ Varanasi
   Dhaba Series-Kitchen Workers-India
   Folk Performers
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Gallery:   Shores of The Unknown

A Diwan Manna photograph raises questions about itself and what it represents.
He combines images with objects, moving within a consciously chosen space in order to create a multimedia reality. Coming from a painting and theatre background his work depicts the possibility of crossing boundaries between photography, painting, acting and the body arts. He seeks to search

Art Work   
Diwan Manna, a contemporary Indian artist, is known for his soulful pictures. He is an established name in the world of art photography. His monumental works of art in experimental photography and conceptual photography have captured the attention of the art world.

Diwan Manna
is a pioneer among Indian art photographers and probably the first Indian photographer to delve into conceptual photography. He is one of the few contemporary Indian Photographers who have made a mark in the field of experimental photography and is a trend setter in the creation of a new idiom in modern art photography. He has excelled in documentary photography and has a rich repertoire of travel photographs of India, Indonesia and Europe. He is a photographer from Chandigarh.
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